AI-powered, tailored electroceuticals for the management of neuro-psychological disorders.


  • Univ. of Cambridge Doctor of Engineering
  • KU Professor of Brain and Cognitive Engineering
  • KU Adjunct Professor of Neurology, College of Medicine
  • KU Adjunct Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence
  • KU Head Professor, Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Has extensive clinical experience at leading overseas companies and University Hospitals
Possesses R&D capabilities through starting a research lab in  Department of Brain Engineering at Korea University

2004 - 2005

Johnson & Johnson

Medical Devices Companies

2006 - 2010

University of Cambridge 

Biomedical Engineering

2006 - 2010

Addenbrooke's HospitalIntensive Care Unit · Neurosurgery

2010 - 2012


Intensive Care Unit · Neurosurgery · Cardiac Surgery

2012 - Now

Korea University

Brain Engineering