AI-powered, tailored electroceuticals for the management of neuro-psychological disorders.

Holding Technique

Artificial Intelligence · IoT based 

General Ward Monitoring Solution

  • Monitors patient's vital signs in real time and detect worsening conditions based on wearable devices, edge computers, and AI algorithms

Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics test analysis support AI
For diagnosing treatable dementia

  • Diagnosis of patients with treatable dementia and identification of shunt system failure through AI analysis of bio-signals measured during cerebrospinal fluid dynamics examination
  • Improving the accuracy of dementia diagnosis and reducing related social/economic costs through support for cerebrospinal fluid dynamics test analysis that requires specialized personnel

Robot Arm Control System 

Based on Non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface

For the Physically Disabled

  • Robot arm control technology through analysis of imaginary brain wave signals and recognition of user intention using deep learning technology
  • Contributes to rehabilitation treatment and improved quality of life for physically disabled patients such as upper body paralyzed patients
  • Contributes to the development of various BCI application technologies